Dr. Corbeaux's Conjure Room

Many of you have asked for classes to learn the art of Hoodoo and Conjure. Most of the classes you'll find online are 200 dollars or more and require you to purchase materials from their store as well.

Well, my Course has a one time fee of $100.00, and you don't have to buy anything from my shop. My course focuses a lot more on rural style Hoodoo, which has greater emphasis on objects you can find around your own home, rather than expensive oils and powders (though I do teach how to make those as well.)

The Course comes through Yahoo Groups....the lessons are in files, and you go over them at your own pace. You post questions to the group, and we all benefit from the answers. Also, each student is given my phone number and I will take as much personal time as necessary with each student.

The link to the Course is


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