Dr. Corbeaux's Conjure Room

The term Gris-Gris, contrarily to much popular belief, does not mean "grey-grey" as some odd reference to grey magic. Gris does mean grey in frech, however, Gris-Gris comes from a senegambian word spelled variously grigri, gregry, gregory, gregre, and so forth.

In New Orleans, the word grisgris came to mean any form of magic, while with the Senegambians it referred strictly to a leather charm bag.

In New Orleans, if a gris-gris comes in bag form, it is usually in some form of cloth.

Gris-gris can me made for varous purposes. The photo above shows some of the ingredients in a gris-gris used to curse an individual.

Each gris-gris contains herbs, minerals, and animal curios; and are hand made specifically for each individual.

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