Dr. Corbeaux's Conjure Room


 Above is the doll that houses one of my spirit guides.


Spirit Dolls, as the name suggests, are dolls or figures that house spirits. These spirits can be invoked for a variety of purposes. Some spirit dolls perform only one function, and others perform many.

Spirit dolls are NOT stuffed with just cotton and or polymere. If you have bought such a doll, and wondering why it isn't working, that is why.

Spirit dolls contain certain herbs and other materials that activate it, and give a home to the spirit. Each of these ingredients are very important in the construction of the doll.

Dolls can be made for protection, revenge, love drawing, money drawing, basically any purpose.

Some dolls, like the one above, are made to house spirit guides of particular individuals.

Each doll has a name and has likes and dislikes, and particulars regarding how they work.

They're basically a personal working spirit that you have to build a bond with.


If you have any questions about spirit dolls, please contact me at drcorbeaux@gmail.com

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