Dr. Corbeaux's Conjure Room

San Simon is a Guatemalan folk saint. He has his origins in the cult of a Mayan God and the deification of the dead. San Simon stands on the crossroads between the living and the dead, Our world and the world of spirits.

He is known to be a lover of cigars, cigarettes, alcohol, money, and women.

San Simon can be invoked for the whole spectrum of human desires, petty or profound, secular or sacred. The particular image in the photo above comes from Guatemala and contains his "secretos" inside. 

I have set up an online shrine to San Simon, because of the immense aid he's given me. You can find that page here http://www.chapelofsansimon.yolasite.com

The chapel gives the option of making donations to the saint ($2.00 for candles, etc. All the proceeds go to spreading the devotion of San Simon)

Amuletos (Amulets) of San Simon are available for a donation of $35.00

Revenge work: $100.00

Any other work will be priced depending on the request.

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